A repository of all of our homebrews thus far.


An elegant travel system created for D&D Fifth Edition. It provides a middle-ground between simply montaging travel and rolling for encounters on a table. It focuses on interesting skill usage, roleplay, and meaningful windfalls and hardships that last after travel. The system can resolve any travel in 15 minutes if you choose, or it can be expanded with many roleplay opportunities along the way. Our goal was to create a streamlined system that gives travel weight without bogging down the rest of the gameplay. We truly hope you enjoy it.

The Cycle

An elegant replacement to the death system in 5th Edition, the Cycle is our attempt at providing a more cinematic feeling to the possible end of a character’s life. The yo-yo of conscious and unconscious always left a bit to be desired. Our core tenants in this system were to keep dropping to 0 HP as a scary proposition without removing player agency, to allow for heroic sacrifices, and to allow sources of stabilization and healing to remain valuable. We hope you enjoy it! Feel free to drop us feedback on Twitter or Instagram.