We create weekly magic items and elegant addon systems for your D&D table. Each of our items is uniquely illustrated, mechanically diverse, and available in a number of formats. Our addon systems have a focus on usability and creating interesting roleplay opportunities without trying to change the core of the games we love.

We’re a small team, but we take pride in creating content that doesn’t sacrifice on professional quality. We strive to create stunning art, usable designs, and rigorously playtested mechanics so that our items and systems can easily fit in any table.

Weekly Magic Items

Put Our Items on Your Table

Our Patreon is filled with dozens of items in multiple formats that are ready to use at your table. We offer a convenient compendium, one & two-sided item cards, easy text exports, high-res art assets, and more. Instead of worrying about writing and creating your own items, let us handle the hard work, while you focus on your story.

Our Dynamic Duo of Brewers

Meet Our Team

Fernando and Matthew make up our core team of brewers covering all aspects of writing, design, and illustration. We might be few in number, but we think that lets us pursue our vision. The future may hold more growth, but for now we’re keeping it light.

Illustrator, Brew Underwriter, Paladin of the Real World


I fell in love with fantasy art as a teenager, particularly with the work of Larry Elmore on D&D and Wayne Reynolds on Pathfinder. I have now been a professional illustrator for about 10 years, and I am elated to bring our work to your games!
Brew Writer, Graphic Designer, Cardboard Collector


I've been playing and running tabletop RPGs in some form for over 15 years. You'll often find me discussing the minutia of typography, white space, and color theory. Putting together homebrew for D&D has been a hobby of mine for some time and now I'm looking to share that hobby with you.


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