We create magic items that are sure to astound and inspire wonder in your players. Every item is uniquely illustrated and written to provoke roleplay and engagement at your table. You won’t find any basic +1 weapons in our collection. We strive to give you compelling mechanics that you’ll actually want at your table.

Get instant access to dozens of items
The Kraken’s Kompendium, a living document with all of our magic items, updated monthly.
Two-sided magic item cards for easy printing. Hand them out as your players collect them.
One-sided item cards that are perfect for digital usage with an easy, scrolling style.
High-res art PNGs and text exports make importing our items into your favorite VTT a breeze.

We provide convenient one-sided cards two-sided cards text exports high res art PDFs to suit your table whether physical or digital.

With every item release on our Patreon, we provide a wide range of formats to suit your needs. We know that everyone plays differently and we’re happy to accommodate, whether you play in person or remotely. You’ll never be stuck without a reward as you’ll have access to our full backlog from the moment you join.

Kohort Tier

$3 / Month
  • Early access to our magic items
    • Square item card formats
    • 16:9 item card formats
  • Access to all previous items
    • Our full backlog of posts
    • Dozens of items ready for use
  • Monthly One More Thing releases
  • Behind the scenes updates
    • Learn about upcoming systems & collabs
    • Exclusive status updates
  • Access to a patron only Discord area
    • Chat with other patrons
    • Get closer with Matthew & Fernando

Kompanion Tier

$6 / Month
  • All previous tier benefits
  • High resolution item art
    • 300 DPI PNG with background
    • 300 DPI transparent PNGs
  • Printable item card formats
    • Two-sided tarot card sized files
    • Printable two-sided 8.5 x 11 item card templates
  • Digital ready formats
    • One-sided item cards
    • Text exports for easy importing into your platform

Kollaborator Tier

$10 / Month
  • All previous tier benefits
  • High resolution item art project files
    • 300 DPI PSD files
    • Dig into layers and see how the art came together
  • Help us create items you want
    • Vote on upcoming items and themes
    • Access to an exclusive Discord channel to pitch us items you want us to create
  • Access the Kraken’s Kompendium
    • A growing document of every magic item we’ve ever released
    • Updated once a month
  • Access to a digital download of Campfire, our elegant travel system

Ready to Use Item Cards

Our one and two-sided item cards are perfect for use at your table. You’ll get access to high resolution versions so you can easily print your own with our included templates. Item cards are available to our Kompanion tier and above.

Become a Kompanion

All of Our Items in One Place

The Kraken’s Kompendium collects every item we’ve ever made in one convenient document for you to browse. It updates monthly with our latest items and is available instantly to our Kollaborator tier.

Become a Kollaborator

Our Patrons Keep Us Going

It’s thanks to the generous support of our patrons that we’re able to keep providing magic items, original content, and addon systems. We appreciate every new person that joins. We’re so grateful that the community has chosen to support us as much as they have and we hope to keep making content long into the future.

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