A repository of all of our magic items thus far. Click on any item card to be taken to its download.

Wrappings of Sirel’s Breath

These wrappings for low level monks pack a fiery punch.

Blade of the Battle Hymn

This sword will make you sing the tales of your glory.

Paean’s Protector

The shield to amp up your Blade of the Battle Hymn

Edge of Alacrity

A halberd fit for the fastest of feet.

Phoenix Loop

Rise from the ashes with this beautiful ring.

Roksja’s Husk

Cast a baleful gaze with this armor.

The KraCan

Release the beast with this wondrous item.

Billy the Club

The mace that swears he's a club

Luma Sacrosanct

This lantern can be your path to enlightenment


Careful what you say around this flower.

Emberdancer’s Tinderbox

She waits for you to entertain.

Azimuth Chalice

With this chalice, you'll never be caught stargazing.


Need a door? Just grow one!

Bow of Lucid Dreams

The bow of your dreams

Weaver’s Hoop

A wicked web this ring will weave

Protector of the Patch

Who is really pulling the strings?

Ash & Dust

Reap what they have sown

Mortal Hold

Life for Power

Beast’s Bludgeon

Get a grip on your enemies.

Hands of Resonance

Pick up some good vibrations.

Breacher’s Cuffs

Forgot your keys? No problem.

Lightward’s Focus

A spectrum of opportunities

Checkers’ Pocket Striker

A spectrum of opportunities